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Car battery to do so easy to use 2 years!

Industry News
2017/10/20 10:43
The average battery life is 25 °, and the capacity of the battery will drop by about 0.8% for every 1 ° drop, and the capacity will recover as the temperature increases.
If the engine is the heart of the car
That battery is the key to activate the heart
Not only that
The battery will also be during driving
Continued for many electrical appliances and safety and comfort system power supply
Such as car headlights, car audio and electric heating seats
If the battery fails
These devices may not work properly
This is also the primary reason to call the road to rescue the phone Oh
Seeing the temperature getting lower and lower
Car battery pressure also increases
Today to talk to you about the battery!
The average battery life is 25 °, and the capacity of the battery will drop by about 0.8% for every 1 ° drop, and the capacity will recover as the temperature increases.
In the low temperature environment, automotive supplies such as: seats, mirrors, steering wheel heating function, and glass deodorant and many other high-power equipment needs electricity, which increased the pressure of a lot of electricity.
How do I check the battery myself?
On the battery check, we can mainly look at the two data:
The first is the voltage, the other is the starting current.
As for the start of the current monitoring, to use a relatively complex equipment, the general maintenance plant only. But the inspection voltage is very simple, the general multimeter is enough to deal with, and simple operation.
How to maintain the battery?
The battery is a consumable, and ultimately there will be a failure of that day, can only rely on the usual details as far as possible to extend its life. To develop a good car habits.
1, before parking, turn off the lights, off the air conditioning
Some old models do not support the automatic power off after the flameout function, so before the flameout need to manually turn off the lights and car reading lights. If you need to find things in the car or need lighting can use the phone or flashlight lighting, save the reading lights forget to close, resulting in battery power loss.
There are a lot of people easy to ignore the air conditioning system, after the flame, the air conditioning is maintained in the open state, although there is no energy, air conditioning can not start, but when we start the car again, the air conditioning will automatically run, Very large, will also affect the battery life.
2, the car also need to often yo
Even if the car all the electricity system all closed, the car after a long time after the park, the battery may also be exhausted, all, even if the car was idle for a long time at home, but also regularly start the next engine , It is best to slip on the road for more than 20 minutes, this can also ensure that the battery has sufficient time to charge.
3, rub a rub more healthy
Regularly open the hood, wipe the battery with a damp cloth positive and negative two poles, (that is, attached to a black wire, inserted in the battery surface, bare outside the two silver cylinder). Regularly wipe the pole with the damp cloth to cover the dust, oil, white powder, not only played a clean role, but also can effectively reduce the accumulation of white acid powder, can play a role in protecting the battery.
4, before the flame, close the window
The windows of the car and the sunroof switch are powered by the battery, so it is best to close all the windows before the flame is turned off, rather than shut down after the flame, or even after the car using the long press lock key way to close the window.
In fact, the maintenance of the battery is very simple, although the vehicle supplies, but does not mean that the battery life must be very short, through reasonable use and daily maintenance, battery life can not only be extended at the crucial moment The chain is not.
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