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Common Problem

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What channel can I apply for company position?
You can use the website of Hualong Industry (www. Zjhualong. cn) Recruitment section as well as the major talent website to learn about our position information, the online resume, the resume screening, the hiring manager will agree with you for the interview time.
I delivered my resume, when can I get an answer?
Staff will be processed within five working days after receiving your CV, please keep an eye on your resume.
What documents do I need to take to apply for the company?
Please bring me the original valid documents (ID card, Diploma, Diploma, English and computer grade certificate, etc.), personal resume, an inch 2.
Will the graduating students be able to practice in the company? How long is the internship?
The company hired fresh graduates, the company in the students before graduation to provide 1-2 months of internship, internship during the payment of internship subsidy.
What is the company's salary and treatment?
According to the position value, the individual performance provides the competitive salary for the staff, through the performance appraisal carries on the salary adjustment to the staff. The company handles the endowment insurance, the unemployment insurance, the medical insurance, the maternity insurance, the work injury insurance for the staff, and handles the personal accident risk for the overseas personnel. Company employees also enjoy the national provisions of various holidays, paid annual leave, holidays for employees to distribute holiday items.