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Talent Concept

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Human resources strategy
Through the talent introduction strategy, education training strategy, management promotion strategy, salary and welfare strategy and the effective implementation of the employer's brand strategy, to create the "work in Hualong, learning in Hualong, development in Hualong, success in Hualong" talent career development ecological environment.
HR Concept
Uphold fairness, justice, open, competitive, able to match the employment principle, with the industry and the development of the company to attract people, with the development of the platform to nurture people, with vision, goals to inspire people, with open, inclusive, collaborative enterprise atmosphere to retain people, to encourage innovative talent, to board a broader stage.
Human Resources objectives
Adhere to the "people-centered" concept of enterprise development, attract, train and retain the high-level personnel closely related to the company's industry, to create a reasonable configuration, structural optimization of the elite team; to form an effective macro and micro human resource development and management capacity, to form a personalized and efficient management of staff at all levels Continuously improve the innovative compensation and welfare system, adapt to the brand and scale of the enterprise, protect the reasonable flow, provide a solid guarantee for the stability of the backbone staff, create the image of the excellent employer in the battery industry, construct the "learning organization" staff growth mechanism, and effectively promote the common development of employees and enterprises.
Human resources mechanisms
Regard talent as enterprise's most important wealth and the motive force of long-term development of enterprise, through the establishment of echelon selection of talent cultivation mechanism, fair and scientific performance evaluation mechanism, the systematic training mechanism, a reasonable wealth of welfare distribution mechanism, the establishment of enterprise and staff to win long-term benefits community, to achieve the common growth of enterprises and employees.